More Day 2 Photos and Thoughts

The cursedly long hill we had to climb down today to get into camp. I was told that previous walks had to go up it. Not sure which is better.
Day 2 done!










Day 2 was filled with rain and wind. We also saw a man in a pink tutu. We walked and walked and finished 40 miles. There were long uphills which Vicki hated and long downhills which I disliked. We slogged through it all to lunch which had a vegan option that made Vicki happy. They have kept us well fed. Snacks at every stop, gallons of Gatorade, water and people who come to cheer hand out candy. Awesome to have the support and the snacks. One peculiar problem today that came up was single ply toilet paper and wet fingertips. I can’t count how many rolls I shredded just trying to unroll the damn thing! Another fun task of the day was dealing with the wet attractive rain ponchos. It is like fighting in a trash bag.

We rest our weary bodies tonight after listening to the fundraising awards. Millions of dollars raised, millions of miles walked. Many lives changed. Many pitstops, many snacks, bandaids,rain ponchos, tutus and one bare breasted man (involves pink stuffed bears)I will try and get a picture of him tomorrow.

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