It Is Finally Here

I can’t believe how quickly the summer went by. I am pretty sure that it is June and we have months to train. Oh wait, it is September and this is what we have done:

Came up with our team name, registered, collected donations, walked, broke in shoes, walked some more, got a new fanny pack, tried a backpack, went back to the fanny pack, walked more, tried new socks, tried new routes, walked and walked, went to Mariners games (a necessary training tool), looked for water, found water, tried and rejected Gatorade (Vicki), tried new protein bars (Annette), walked again, broke in some more shoes, cussed up the hills, cussed down the hills, had mild panic attacks that the hotel wouldn’t work out, took a deep breath, walked some more, greeted a bunch of dogs and occasionally their owners, petted those that would let us (dogs not owners) laughed, got mad at each other, decided we still liked each other, raised more money, walked farther than we thought we could walk and then some more, walked in heat, rain, more heat and sunshine, found trails we liked and those we didn’t, told everyone what we were doing, and of course walked some more. Thankfully, Vicki finally decreed we were ready. Whew!

So, our bags are packed, our money has been counted, our feet are ready, Friday we do it for real. Yay!

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