Day 3

We did it! We walked all 60 miles! Today we got great weather and a nice course with only one “incline’ (hill with stairs) that Vicki called a bitch. It was right at the end and it got us to the finish. All the miles, the lunches, the pit stops, the cheering stations, the port a potties, the crew and the pink shirted Seattle police department made this a great walk. I am so proud that we finished. We walked every single step of the way. I hope that our efforts help find a cure for this disease.

60 miles in 3 Days! Back to where we started. We did it!
My dear husband who was a good sport and walked the last 2 miles with us. We did it!

More pictures will be coming. I am tired and need rest. Thank you again to all who supported us. Thank you Vicki for walking with me. Thank you Chip for supporting me and walking the last mile up the “bitch of a hill” today.

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