Day 3 Thoughts

Day 3 is a special day. You wake up and know immediately that it is a different day. You have to pack your suitcase and get it to the gear truck. It is the last breakfast in the tent, the last pit stops, the last time to see the guy with the pink bears strapped to his chest, the last day.

We boarded school buses (yes those big yellow things) and crammed ourselves into the seats. They seemed much smaller than we all remembered. We all chatted and compared stories of past walks and other cities. Got to the University of Washington campus and we all gratefully piled off! Children must be much smaller these days, it can’t be that we are bigger. We start off through the campus on a quiet Sunday morning. The trees are turning colors, the rain has stopped. We make our way through UW to Fremont, to Ravenna and turn towards downtown. We skirt Lake Union and cross Gas Works Park. As we walk we see the same groups of people who have cheered for us on Day 1 and Day 2. I start to thank them for coming and hug the ones who stood out for me. For 3 days they thanked me for walking but I felt I should thank them for coming out every day. The last lunch stop was in South Lake Union, it was a beautiful setting and we lingered a bit. Then it was back to downtown, climbing up stairs and crossing a bridge, winding through the Westlake Center, the Market and finally to Olympic Sculpture Park. I was excited to get there because my dear husband was waiting for me there. He walked us into the finish. He got to share the “bitch of a hill” with us (lucky man). Lots of stairs, steep ones but we made it. Then on to the finish line at the Seattle Center. A mercifully short closing ceremony and off to home we went.

Disclaimer: I had a vague idea of where we were in Seattle, so my geographical descriptions may not actually reflect reality. It was Day 3 after all and your mind is a bit mushy in the last 15 miles!

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