Day 2 Photos

Day 2 starts again at 5:30 a.m. for the shuttle. A little more caffeine was needed this morning.
Breakfast in the tent at camp. Everyone was discussing the rain. We all loved the attractive rain ponchos.
The lovely yellow rain ponchos. Felt like I was wearing a trash bag! They were surprisingly warm when the wind came up.
Day 2 march out of camp. The group ahead of us has some funny military style chants to get us started.
Pit stop in the rain! The crew took good care of us. I opted not to show the row of port a potties to left of the tent.
Vicki’s picture on a sign along the route recognizing her as one of the top individual fundraisers.
Gorgeous view of a lake with lots of lily pads. I was told what lake or bay but cannot remember the name.
The man in the pink tutu turned out to the head of the Komen Affiliate in Seattle. Awesome!

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