9/11/2016 Team Tuesday and Training

Team Tuesday is a mighty two person team consisting of me and my 80 year old teammate Vicki. Vicki is walking in her second 3 Day Walk. Her first walk was completed 4 years ago when she was 76. As you may have guessed, Vicki is a very active person. She is one of the most determined people I have ever met. When she sets out to accomplish a goal, just get out of the way because she will let nothing stop her.

Vicki is walking again this year to honor her mother who died at age 80 of breast cancer. Vicki’s goal is to raise $8000 to honor her mother and her own 80th birthday. She has reached her monetary goal and I have no doubt she and I will be finishing the 60 miles together.

That being said, the Team Tuesday members have a slightly different approach to preparing for the walk. All of her life, Vicki has over prepared for all her challenges. Tests in school, real estate training and sales, etc. Her work ethic is amazing. I, on the other hand, take a slightly more relaxed attitude to training and life in general. I don’t feel the need to over prepare. I believe in preparing enough. This means that we don’t have to walk a 20 mile walk in training, 15-18 is plenty. This has vexed Vicki since we came up with this idea. I have all confidence that if we are able to walk 15 miles, we can walk 20. I also learned from my previous 3 Day to train almost everyday, include hills, heat, rain, traffic and cross training in my preparation. I have also learned the benefit of listening to my body and actually resting when I have done too much. In my younger years, resting was almost the same as failing. A good rest does wonders for my attitude and health. Vicki mostly agrees with me after all the training we have done, but I think she still secretly worries that some how we didn’t train enough.

Vicki and I disagree on Gatorade. I love it, she hates it. She is a dedicated vegan. I am not. Pretty much says it all.

We have walked all over the island on which we live. We have discovered hidden trails, dead end roads and where we might find the facilities. We had people wave at us as we walk and even had the police stop by to see if we were okay. Not sure if we looked really bad or they kept seeing us walk around a certain neighborhood. I have learned that Vicki hates all hills but will walk up them. I don’t like the down hills but will walk down them. We have discussed Rotary (Vicki’s passion), baseball, politics, child rearing and various funny stories.  We managed to get lost a few times but we always made it back safely. While we may disagree on training approaches, we are both thankful we can do this and will do this for those who cannot. This makes all those minor disagreements fade in importance.

I do have to give a huge thumbs up to two ladies who helped us train. Rosemary and Kate put up with our complaining and grouchiness on early morning walks. They walked in the heat, the rain and on absolutely beautiful days. They did the long 10+ mile walks with grace and good humor.  I didn’t really appreciate what they did for us until after it was all over. Thank you Kate and Rosemary! I am glad to have the chance to get to know you better and thank you for walking all those miles with us.

9/7/2016 My New Adventures

Hello, friends, family and the world.  I am starting two new adventures this September. I am walking in the Seattle Susan G. Komen 3 Day and starting this blog. While walking 60 miles in 3 days is pretty daunting, I am having more anxiety over starting the blog! Starting a blog sounds really easy but has more steps than I anticipated. Much like the 3 Day, a bit of preparation goes a long way!

I have received tremendous support from my family and friends and wanted to share my adventure of the 3 Day. Most of the people I know have not attempted such an endeavor and have many questions on what the experience is like. This is my second 3 Day walk. The last one was 15 years ago when the internet and I were much younger. Both of us are older and wiser and more fun. I am excited to share the walk with everyone!  I am also excited to learn a new skill and hope you will all be patient as I develop my blogging skills.

The walk starts in Seattle on September 16th.  Thanks for following along!