Day 3 Photos

He kept asking us if we liked his bear breasts!
He kept asking us if we liked his bear breasts!

Two kids on the bus.
Two kids on the bus.

The rest of the kids on the bus. Yes we were at the back.
The rest of the kids on the bus. Yes we were at the back.

These two were awesome! There every day and in multiple places every day!
These two were awesome! There every day and in multiple places every day!

Smoky Bear with a bird's eye view of his "girls" on  a bike helmet.
Smoky Bear with a bird’s eye view of his “girls” on a bike helmet.

The crew member who wore the aforementioned bike helmet.
The crew member who wore the aforementioned bike helmet.

View of downtown Seattle from Gas Works Park.
View of downtown Seattle from Gas Works Park.

Not sure what bridge but it was pretty.
Not sure what bridge but it was pretty.

Second best sign of the day.
Second best sign of the day.

The best sign of the day!
The best sign of the day!

Day 3 Thoughts

Day 3 is a special day. You wake up and know immediately that it is a different day. You have to pack your suitcase and get it to the gear truck. It is the last breakfast in the tent, the last pit stops, the last time to see the guy with the pink bears strapped to his chest, the last day.

We boarded school buses (yes those big yellow things) and crammed ourselves into the seats. They seemed much smaller than we all remembered. We all chatted and compared stories of past walks and other cities. Got to the University of Washington campus and we all gratefully piled off! Children must be much smaller these days, it can’t be that we are bigger. We start off through the campus on a quiet Sunday morning. The trees are turning colors, the rain has stopped. We make our way through UW to Fremont, to Ravenna and turn towards downtown. We skirt Lake Union and cross Gas Works Park. As we walk we see the same groups of people who have cheered for us on Day 1 and Day 2. I start to thank them for coming and hug the ones who stood out for me. For 3 days they thanked me for walking but I felt I should thank them for coming out every day. The last lunch stop was in South Lake Union, it was a beautiful setting and we lingered a bit. Then it was back to downtown, climbing up stairs and crossing a bridge, winding through the Westlake Center, the Market and finally to Olympic Sculpture Park. I was excited to get there because my dear husband was waiting for me there. He walked us into the finish. He got to share the “bitch of a hill” with us (lucky man). Lots of stairs, steep ones but we made it. Then on to the finish line at the Seattle Center. A mercifully short closing ceremony and off to home we went.

Disclaimer: I had a vague idea of where we were in Seattle, so my geographical descriptions may not actually reflect reality. It was Day 3 after all and your mind is a bit mushy in the last 15 miles!

Day 3

We did it! We walked all 60 miles! Today we got great weather and a nice course with only one “incline’ (hill with stairs) that Vicki called a bitch. It was right at the end and it got us to the finish. All the miles, the lunches, the pit stops, the cheering stations, the port a potties, the crew and the pink shirted Seattle police department made this a great walk. I am so proud that we finished. We walked every single step of the way. I hope that our efforts help find a cure for this disease.

60 miles in 3 Days! Back to where we started. We did it!
My dear husband who was a good sport and walked the last 2 miles with us. We did it!

More pictures will be coming. I am tired and need rest. Thank you again to all who supported us. Thank you Vicki for walking with me. Thank you Chip for supporting me and walking the last mile up the “bitch of a hill” today.

More Day 2 Photos and Thoughts

The cursedly long hill we had to climb down today to get into camp. I was told that previous walks had to go up it. Not sure which is better.
Day 2 done!










Day 2 was filled with rain and wind. We also saw a man in a pink tutu. We walked and walked and finished 40 miles. There were long uphills which Vicki hated and long downhills which I disliked. We slogged through it all to lunch which had a vegan option that made Vicki happy. They have kept us well fed. Snacks at every stop, gallons of Gatorade, water and people who come to cheer hand out candy. Awesome to have the support and the snacks. One peculiar problem today that came up was single ply toilet paper and wet fingertips. I can’t count how many rolls I shredded just trying to unroll the damn thing! Another fun task of the day was dealing with the wet attractive rain ponchos. It is like fighting in a trash bag.

We rest our weary bodies tonight after listening to the fundraising awards. Millions of dollars raised, millions of miles walked. Many lives changed. Many pitstops, many snacks, bandaids,rain ponchos, tutus and one bare breasted man (involves pink stuffed bears)I will try and get a picture of him tomorrow.

Day 2 Photos

Day 2 starts again at 5:30 a.m. for the shuttle. A little more caffeine was needed this morning.
Breakfast in the tent at camp. Everyone was discussing the rain. We all loved the attractive rain ponchos.
The lovely yellow rain ponchos. Felt like I was wearing a trash bag! They were surprisingly warm when the wind came up.
Day 2 march out of camp. The group ahead of us has some funny military style chants to get us started.
Pit stop in the rain! The crew took good care of us. I opted not to show the row of port a potties to left of the tent.
Vicki’s picture on a sign along the route recognizing her as one of the top individual fundraisers.
Gorgeous view of a lake with lots of lily pads. I was told what lake or bay but cannot remember the name.
The man in the pink tutu turned out to the head of the Komen Affiliate in Seattle. Awesome!

More Day One Photos

Bright and early (5:30 a.m.) shuttle for Opening Ceremonies!
This is what the Seattle Center looks like in the early morning light.
EMT volunteer dressed to the kilt!
We start our morning with a little stretch, Zumba style. Dancing gets the caffeine flowing through our veins.
Seattle Police Department in their pink shirts.
I 90 bridge! It was really cool to walk across the bridge.
Lunch! Yay! Sandwich and salad never tasted so good. I was starving and ate it all.
End of Day One. Made it to camp! First 20 miles in the books.

Day One Photos and Thoughts


Day One! Twenty miles walked. Yay! Tired feet and tired bodies. We started at 5:30 am! No one is awake at 5:30. Got breakfast and the first of the day’s swag. Emotionally charged Opening Ceremony and we were off. The Sisterhood of the Pink walks through Seattle. Enjoy the photos.

After a lovely dinner, our beds call us. Highlights of the day include the walk across the I90 bridge, the emotional opening ceremony, all the people who came out to cheer for us and to offer us food and hugs, there were awesome dogs that gladly let us pet them, the police in their pink shirts. Lunch was Vicki’s favorite. She got a vegan salad. Yay! The low point was the hill in Redmond near Microsoft. We both agreed that it was a bitch of a hill. (Direct quote from Vicki) But we made it to camp, collected more goodies and now are heading for bed. I haven’t been to bed this early since I was a kid. We can’t watch the Mariners so we are going sleep. Day 2 is going to be rainy. Woo hoo!

It Is Finally Here

I can’t believe how quickly the summer went by. I am pretty sure that it is June and we have months to train. Oh wait, it is September and this is what we have done:

Came up with our team name, registered, collected donations, walked, broke in shoes, walked some more, got a new fanny pack, tried a backpack, went back to the fanny pack, walked more, tried new socks, tried new routes, walked and walked, went to Mariners games (a necessary training tool), looked for water, found water, tried and rejected Gatorade (Vicki), tried new protein bars (Annette), walked again, broke in some more shoes, cussed up the hills, cussed down the hills, had mild panic attacks that the hotel wouldn’t work out, took a deep breath, walked some more, greeted a bunch of dogs and occasionally their owners, petted those that would let us (dogs not owners) laughed, got mad at each other, decided we still liked each other, raised more money, walked farther than we thought we could walk and then some more, walked in heat, rain, more heat and sunshine, found trails we liked and those we didn’t, told everyone what we were doing, and of course walked some more. Thankfully, Vicki finally decreed we were ready. Whew!

So, our bags are packed, our money has been counted, our feet are ready, Friday we do it for real. Yay!